Melt and Pour Soap Kit : Spring Edition

Melt and Pour Soap Kit : Spring Edition

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Wanna get your hands dirty and join in on the soap making 


Suitable for children 4 and up with adult supervision.

This kit comes with all the supplies you need to make 2 soaps 

clear M&P soap base

triple butter M&P soap base

essential oil or fragrance see 

card board soap mold 

decal paper


What You Need (not included in this kit)

pencil crayons or sharpie markers or crayons

microwavable measuring cup / container/ spoon bowl

Choose from a variety scents to create a truly unique bar of soap. The melt and pour base we use is vegetable derived, made with cocoa butter, mango butter and nourishing shea butter and are SLS & SLES free. This kit makes a great gift, it encourages children to wash their hands and entices even the most skeptical children to jump in the bath .

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